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A Cult of the Ladybug Project

A murder mystery, in the spirit of Clue/Cluedo, where you must inspect your surroundings and talk to the characters around you (by pressing 'e'). When engaging with characters, you will be presented with the opportunity to interrogate them, thus engaging in a duel of words and selecting the write responses to your opponent's statements. Through these actions you will gather clues, key information to finding out who is the killer. By opening the Accuse tab (by clicking on the corresponding button on the top left) and selecting a suspect and supporting clue, you  must make an accusation--hopefully the right one--and catch the killer hiding in plain sight.

The Team:

Game Design & Story: Rachel Geng, Allison Weiss, Beckett Melville, Vera Limani

Writing: Allison Weiss and Rachel Geng

Art: Vera Limani, Beckett Melville, and Allison Weiss

Visual effects: Allison Weiss

Programming: Vera Limani, Rachel Geng, and Allison Weiss

Sound*: Allison Weiss and Beckett Melville

*music and sound effects are from the public domain


Ungilded ninth build PC.zip 27 MB

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