A basic clone of the first level in Super Mario 64.

Mario modeled in Maya by collaboration of Noelle and Allison.

Mario movement code by collaboration of Jack , Noelle and Allison.

Goomba movement code, level and goomba(modeled in Maya) by Jack C.

Music, SFX, UI and sky box by Noelle M.

Mario's running and jumping animations, one-up mushroom and seesaw(made in Maya), and trees(a fusion of photoshop and unity3D)  by Allison Weiss.

Camera controls, star model and star movement code, bobomb model and bobomb movement code by Keya You.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
AuthorAllison Weiss
Made withUnity


PC_and_OS_build_Data_zip.zip 21 MB


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this game is complete shit

Bruh thats what they were going for

i hope this was a joke

found a neat little softlock you can do in the tunnel

this game shit


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Hi Mario i'm Kyle by the way i'm Huge Fan of you and your brother Luigi i know you live at Mushroom Kingdom all but tell your Tall brother and Toad and your Girlfriend Peach that i say hi to Them

ok but plz add long jump

and blj

plus thanks

you are absolutly correct Jak :l

I appear to have made an elevator from a Bob-Omb somehow. This game is really glitchy, but its fun glitchy lmao

Update, still goin' up. This is wild.

How do i Make Mario Jump on Xbox One Controller

you force him